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College Publications


Student, faculty, and alumni publications of the College, including yearbooks from 1906; newspapers from 1916; literary magazines from 1943; and, newsletters from 1976.

Howard Cruse at BSC


A 1968 graduate of BSC, Howard Cruse would go on to become a pioneer known as "The Father of Gay Comics." Best known for his graphic novel Stuck Rubber Baby (which references his time at BSC), Cruse also created the groundbreaking strips "Wendel" and "Barefootz."

This exhibit focuses on his very creative time as a student on the Hilltop.

Seventy Years of Theatre


A collection of materials, primarily programs and photographs, from many of the 70 seasons Birmingham-Southern College has been presenting organized theatre productions. Items are grouped by season, with all shows for which materials exist listed on the single season page.

We welcome contributions from those who have had a hand in building the theatre program at BSC into the stellar program we have always enjoyed. If you have materials you'd like to see included in this exhibit, please email BSC Archivist Gina Armstrong at or a member of the theatre faculty.

Thirty Years of Service-Learning


For 30 years, Birmingham-Southern College has been sending students on E-Term (Interim) experiences to perform service work throughout the world, while learning about the themselves, their fellow humans, and the world around them.