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BSC Library & Archives Digital Collections


The Southron

The Southron was the yearbook for Southern University. Our collection includes issues from 1914-1917.

The Pegasus

The Pegasus was the yearbook for Birmingham College. Our collection includes one issue from 1907.

The Revue/La Revue

The/La Revue was the name given to the first yearbooks from the merged Birmingham-Southern College. Our collection includes issues from 1919-1941, when the publication changed titles to the present Southern Accent. This collection also includes a "special commencement edition" of The Gold and Black newspaper as a yearbook from 1921.

Southern Accent

The new name for the yearbook in 1942, a change detailed in the introduction to the first issue: "Pardon our Southern Accent. BUT, we have it, a definitely 'Southern one, and we have made it, with your approval, the name of your yearbook . . . a name that may be your imprimatur to this record of our year at school. If it speaks for you, then it must speak with an accent that is 'Southern . . . and it must speak of your College and your South . . . of a Southern College in a South that is being born in a dozen states and on a hundred campuses . . . of the old and the new, for LA REVUE, from the beginning the title of last year's digest, is to be used no longer . . . so we give you a 'SOUTHERN ACCENT for 1942, the annual publication of Birmingham-Southern College,". The name remains to the present publication, gone digital.